“Quang Tri is well known by the sunny and windy area but if we understand clearly, from the harshness it will bring “fresh fruit” to the life. Now I really know why people said that Quang Tri’s herbs very good…” customer said. He came from Bac Ninh province by train, affter that he took a taxi to go to An Xuan Solanum Procumbens’s farm under high temperature (over 40 degrees) in order to see by himself and determined to be our loyal customer by using our herb for all his family especially his son has been ill.

Since 2015, the founder of An Xuan Solanum Procumbens with her enthusiasm has not succumbed to the difficulties and challenges of inclement weather, determined to build a specialized So lanum Procumbens herbal cultivation area on the rocky, sunny and windy hills (Cam Tuyen, Cam Lo, Quang Tri, Viet Nam) with the desire to bring quality herbs, help people protect the liver, support treatment of liver disease as the use of Solanum Procumbens has been scientifically proven

It is also herb, also Solanum Procumbens but An Xuan’s one is different from other materials of the same type in the enthusiasm, the concern, the care in each stage, from seeding, soil preparation, planting, tending, Harvesting, preserving, testing, processing, perfecting products, making legal registration for all types of products.

* Seed origin tested and confirmed by the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (No collection of senses in the wild, no one to control, easy to confuse poisonous poisons)

* Land for seeding and planting is treated carefully before planting.

* Use organic fertilizers to nurture, use biologicals to treat pathogens (Do not use chemical fertilizers)

* Land for planting and irrigation water (from wells sources) is regularly tested to meet the usage standards.

* Application of economical irrigation, tarpaulins, original cabinets adapt to harsh climate, drought, against weeds, insects. Pest and disease control by biological products (Say no to harmful chemicals)

* Harvest when the tree is old enough for the highest medicinal properties. Pick up the grass and trash; Drying / drying, packed and preserved naturally (No chemical preservatives).

* The special thing for An Xuan herb is due to its resistance to extreme weather and arid soil, its yield is not as high as fertile land but gives very high pharmaceutical substance through the tests at Institute of Medicinal Materials and some other functional units. At the same time, just by looking can clearly see the difference between herbs in the hills and other lands

* Full bookkeeping, monitoring, management and monitoring system. Adhere to good farming practices according to GACP standards.

* All pictures and clips of An Xuan posted on official websites, fanpages and on all products are committed to being real photos, taken at An Xuan’s farm. It is a practical proof for the operation and production of An Xuan in nearly 5 years.

Therefore, it can be concluded: An Xuan Solanum Procumbens is a smart choice for everyone, every family!

Photo realistic farm Solanum Procumbens An Xuan