I. Befor planing:

Choose seeds that are good, of clear origin, and not be confused with other plants. Process, put into the tray, sow the seeds until the plants are up high and planted. (An Xuan seed source confirmed by the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Resources)

II. Land preparation and care:

Composting organic fertilizers; Treating soil with biological products; Drip irrigation, use a mulch; treat pests and diseases with biological products

III. Collection:

When the tree is old enough, to ensure the highest pharmaceutical substance, harvest; pick up grass and trash; dry or dry thoroughly; carefully cover, preserve nature for gradual manufacture (Time to keep ingredients for 6 months, without using chemicals)

IV.Manufacturing and processing:

– Herbal materials are washed, extracted, concentrated, dried using modern machines and technology (removing all residue), giving them a liquid /concentrate / concentracte powder and blended into different types of products. (Production and packaging comply with GMP standard. Fully tested and confirmed by Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health).

  • 1. High condensed form: Extracted water, after carefully filtered impurities, bring the concentration in a vacuum environment to 20-30% moisture. Bottling glass (which has been heat sterilized) produces pure Solanum Procumbens’ Condensed Extract of An Xuan – Usage: use a spoon to mix with warm water.
  • 2. High condensed dissolved form: One-way continuous high-tech machine system (GMP standard): Extracting (removing residue), recirculating, spray-drying, granulating, bagging and finishing , Condensed dissolved Extract from Solanum Procumbens of An Xuan – Usage: tear the package, make warm / hot / cold water
  • 3. Tablets: Solanum Procumbens’ Condensed is made into tablets, 60 tablets can be bottled.
  • 4. Liquid: Solanum Procumbens’ Condensed is put into one-way system, brewing, sterilizing, cooking, cooling, bottling / bag / tube.