Story about An Xuan

“My dear loved one, using herbal remedies is the trend of nowadays. Many kind are really good, with few side effects. Our beloved land Quang Tri is dry, sunny and windy, but from that severity, in contrast, it’s a great condition for herbs. If you have land and labor, you should think in this direction …” Profound words of Dr. Dinh Duc Anh and his wife Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Lien (Da Nang) always make me think about.

By going to National Institute of Medicinal Materials (NIMM), I was surprised to read the documents about Solanum Procumbens handed down in folklore and nearly 20 scientific research projects, clinical trials on patients have had proved the miraculous use of this herb species in liver detoxification, supports the treatment of liver-related diseases.

With our ponders and determination, my wife and I traveled to Nghia Hanh – Quang Ngai to meet with engineer Nguyen Duc Tue – An expert in Solanum Procumbens and we were lucky enough to receive all the experience of growing this herb. (!)…

Along with the philosophy of “Prevention is better than cure”, I wish everyone to choose Xuan Solanum Procumbens products for their liver forever in youth!

Representative of An Xuan Solanum Procumbens

Lê Hồng Nhạn