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Cucumber – a unique medicinal plant that protects the liver

The liver is the main organ responsible for metabolic functions in the body. As a total storage and supply of energy, a metabolic center determines the health of the body (Glucid, Protein, Lipid, Vitamins are synthesized and stored in the liver).

A very important function of the liver is detoxification. Most of the toxins that enter the body such as alcohol, tobacco, medicines, toxic chemicals, and toxins produced in the process of breaking down food in the intestine when absorbed into the blood are used by liver cells. non-toxic and excreted out into non-toxic conjugates or structural modifications.

It can be considered that the liver is a “toxic processing factory” of the body, protecting the integrity of other functions. There are billions of liver cells day and night diligently cleaning the body of toxins, so when the liver is weakened, the ability to detoxify, the concentration of toxins in the body increases significantly and is the cause of many diseases. such as cancer, blood fat, diabetes, liver coma, memory loss, pigmentation, darkening of the skin …

Although very important for health, the liver is rarely protected by people, there are millions of people over The world daily wreaks havoc on the liver with alcohol and tobacco or other harmful chemicals. Unprotected liver cells lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Vietnam is the country with the 2nd highest rate of liver cancer in the world.

The liver – the body’s “toxic filter factory”

Causes of the destruction of liver cells due to the chronic inflammatory process such as: Super viruses B, A, C, D, E and parasites, alcohol, poisons such as pesticides, banned chemicals , drugs … The most common cause of cirrhosis is alcohol. All people who drink heavily and regularly are at risk for cirrhosis. The longer you drink alcohol, the more likely it is to damage liver cells and develop into cirrhosis.

Due to the important effects of the liver to health, it is very important to protect the liver cells every day by minimizing toxins put into the body, especially those that directly harm the liver such as alcohol, tobacco, food preservative chemicals … on the other hand to enhance the function of detoxification and protection of liver cells. There are nearly 50 studies on phytochemicals from 101 medicinal plants related to liver protection such as Diep Ha Chau, Chrysanthemum (sylimarin), Namac, Sai Hubei, Licorice, Tam That, Nhan Sam …

We would like to introduce a medicinal plant with very strong liver protection effect, which is well researched and highly appreciated by scientists in Vietnam and the world. This is the best-rated medicinal plant today for its liver detoxification effect. It is Ca Gai Leo (Scientific name: Solanum hainanense Hance Solanaceae). There are also other names such as Ca gai rope, necktie, canh Quynh, Ca lu, gai cai.

Solanum hainanense Hance

Parts used:

Roots, branches and fruits, harvested all year round, washed, chopped, dried or dried.

Sometimes used fresh.

Uses: According to folk experience Ca gai leo used to treat alcohol poisoning very well. The effect of protecting liver cells is so strong that when drinking alcohol, you only need to brush your teeth or nibble on Cauliflower roots to avoid getting drunk, if you get drunk, drink the sharp water of the roots or leaves will quickly sober up. used to treat snakebites, osteoarthritis pain.

Usage: Root, stem, leaf, dry, drink or boil instead of water daily, use 100g per day

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