Solanum Procumbens can cure hepatitis virus

According to statistics, up to 8,000-10,000 people nationwide have hepatitis B and chronic each year. Notably, the course of treatment is quite complicated and long. In addition, many families have to sell the whole family and still cannot afford to buy medicine. According to the Vietnam Hepatobiliary Association, every day there are about 30-40 cases of hepatitis C detected, twice as high as that of the previous year and tends to increase. However, to date there is no specific drug treatment.

Currently, some drugs are evaluated to be effective in treatment such as Interferon, Ribavirin … but the cost is too high (over 200 million VND, injected once a week, lasting 6 months to 1 year), the results only about 30-60%. Hepatitis B cases accompanied by hepatitis C, or D … the treatment is even more difficult. The time lasts annually with the cost increasing many times. According to Dr. Dinh Quy Lan, Chairman of the Vietnam Hepatobiliary Association, the health sector currently focuses on prevention and screening, along with products to promote vaccination for prophylaxis, but this method is not effective.

One of the herbs researched by the scientists of the Special Medicinal Institute is the herbaceous herb and in which there is a State-level project (Science and Technology No. 11-05) Research about: active ingredients Cucumber extract has anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits viral replication, inhibits the development of cirrhosis. According to them, cucumber is used by people to treat colds, allergies, whooping cough, back pain, bones, rheumatism, snake bites.

Notably, prickly hemp has a preventive effect that says alcohol is very good. It is from this unique effect that the National Institute of Pharmacy thinks about the ability to detoxify the liver of cucumber and study the formula for application in liver disease.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of hepatitis B, the product extracted from cucumber was put in clinical trials at Military Medical Institute 103, 354, chaired by Dr. Trinh Thi Xuan Hoa, with very usable results: in 67% of patients with low viral load, 23.3% HbsAg negative, 1 case appeared anti-HBsAg …

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