… The real damage of the effect of the Ca gai leo effect was discussed by the reporter with the people’s physician Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Mui – Former Deputy Director and Head of the infectious department of Military Hospital 103- people Successful research into cucumber has a therapeutic effect on patients with chronic hepatitis B.

Dear Professor, is one of the first scientists in Vietnam to research and announce that Cucumber has the effect of treating hepatitis, so you can tell the real effect of cucumber herb is what?

Cauliflower is a well-researched medicinal plant that has three or four doctoral dissertations researched on it.

On the side of the treating doctor, we also have a clinical trial study of papaya on patients with chronic hepatitis B at Military Hospital 103 with very positive results.

According to research documents of the National Institute of Medicinal Materials and clinical results on hepatitis B patients, it can be confirmed that Cauliflower is a medicinal plant with very good effects on the liver.

It is capable of reducing the viral load in the patient’s blood, even viral negative cases have been reported. Cucumber has also been shown to prevent progressive cirrhosis and rapid lowering of liver enzymes.

Particularly for the treatment of functional symptoms of chronic hepatitis B such as jaundice, yellow eyes, pain in the lower right rib, poor appetite, fatigue … Ca gai leo shows absolute superiority compared to other known medicinal herbs until now.

Most patients experience most of the above symptoms after two to three months of treatment.

Recently, the 108 Central Military Medical Hospital has also tried the product with the ingredients from Ca gai leo on patients with chronic hepatitis B with very positive results. Therefore, it can be confirmed that Ca gai leo is a very valuable medicinal plant for the support and treatment of a number of liver diseases …

Ca gai leo is a very valuable medicinal plant and is well researched by many generations of Vietnamese pharmaceutical scientists. The effects on hepatitis B virus, cirrhosis, high liver enzymes, alcohol solution have been confirmed through folk experience as well as through serious scientific research.

However, up to this point, there have not been any studies that have been researched and proven that Cauliflower can cure liver cancer ….

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