AND CANCER RESPONSE Solanum Procumbens

Results from research: Treatment of hepatitis

There have been many studies on the tomato plant, of which a number of subjects were accepted.

The State-level project “Researching cucumber as an anti-inflammatory drug and inhibiting the development of cirrhosis” led by Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Khai has demonstrated the effect of liver protection, inhibiting the development of cirrhosis. of the whole extract and main active part of glycoalcaloid. Demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxydant effects of cucumber (whole and extracted form of glycoaloid). Trying clinical effects on 60 patients with active chronic hepatitis B, treatment results in the group using cucumber reached a very good and good level of 66.7%. In contrast, in the control group (flacebo), only average and 93.3% poor, the drug did not cause any adverse effects. Bottom Line: Cucumber is a remedy for hepatitis, especially chronic active hepatitis B.

Topic: “Research on supportive treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis B drug-operated chronic hepatitis B” (clinical phase 3), performed on 90 patients with chronic hepatitis B Activity calculation with a dose of 0.25 g, taken 6 tablets / day, for 2 months compared with 90 control patients, at 3 hospitals 103, 354 and 108. As a result, the drug works to treat hepatitis Chronic active B. Even at Institute 103, 7 patients were treated for 6 months, resulting in 1 patient losing HBsAg and developing Anti HBs.

There are also doctoral dissertation topics such as “Research on cucumbers as anti-hepatitis drugs and liver cirrhosis inhibitors” (2002). The results showed that the total extract and the cucumber glycoalcaloid reduced the utmost weight in the experimental seed tumor model, respectively 42.2% and 35.2%. It is proven that glycoalcaloid is the main active ingredient that inhibits the development of cirrhosis, anti-inflammatory, and protects the whole high gantin of cucumber. The study also found new pharmacological effects of cucumber such as effects on the immune system, on cancer cells, as well as testing effects on the viral cancer genes and cancer inhibitors p53 and Rb. .

The above research results have demonstrated that cucumber is a powerful detoxifier and anti-inflammatory, effective in the treatment of liver diseases.

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