Solanum Procumbens and miraculous healing effects

Solanum Procumbens also has other names such as Solanum Procumbens, prickly prickly, cauliflower, coriander, scientific name is Solanum hainanense Hance Solanaceae. Cauliflower has a very strong liver protection effect that has been thoroughly researched and highly appreciated by scientists in Vietnam and the world. This plant was researched by Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Associate Professor – Dr. Pham Kim Man in the early 20th century. Cucumber is the best evaluated today for its liver detoxifying effect. In cucumber, there is Glycoalcaloid, which inhibits the replication and negative effect of the hepatitis B virus. It can also help detoxify alcohol and detoxify the liver.

Habitat and harvest: The tree grows wild everywhere from lowland to midland and coastal plains. The most abundant provinces are Thai Binh, Nam Ha, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An. Also often planted as a fence. Roots and twigs can be harvested year round, washed, sliced, dried or dried. It is possible to use medicinal herbs that are highly watery, soft or highly dried.

Description: Small tree that lives for many years, grows climbing or crawling to 6m or more long. Wood incarnation, smooth, branched much; The branches are covered with star feathers and numerous curved yellow spines. The leaves are alternate, oval or oblong, irregularly split, the upper surface spiny, the lower surface with soft, star-shaped hair. The flower axillary shaped like 2-5 (7-9) light purple flowers. Berries, spherical, red when ripe. Flattened, yellow kidney shaped seeds. Flowers May 4-5, fruit July-9.

Parts used: roots and branches

Chemical composition: The whole plant, especially the roots, contains steroid saponins and alkaloids solasodin, solasodinon; there are also diosgenin and flavonoids.

Uses, indications and combinations: Often used to treat colds, allergies, pertussis, back pain, bone pain, rheumatism, snakebites. Dosage 16-20g roots or leaves, decoction, liquid or tablet. Use outside to get crushed fresh plants, extract drinking water and cover with residue.

Ca gai leo used to treat gingivitis, inflammation around the teeth.

People also use Ca Gai root to rub their teeth when drinking alcohol to avoid getting drunk; use water-sharp roots for drunk people to drink to relieve intoxication.

Support for the treatment of liver diseases (hepatitis B, cirrhosis): use 35 g of cucumber root or stem, sharp with 01 liter of water, and 300ml divided or taken 3 times a day, helping to lower liver enzymes, detoxification very good liver.

Making a solution of alcohol: according to folk experience, tomato thorns can treat alcohol poisoning very well. 100g of sharp cucumber tomato with 400ml of water is 150ml to drink during the day while the medicine is still warm. or 50g dried tomato thorn with boiling water, let the drunk person drink instead of water.

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